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results are in, it was closer than we thought
1st place south africa
2nd place united kingdom
3rd place new zealand
4th place australia
total distance 41659km in 7 days
it is 100% virtual but victory is real
No matter where we are in the world, we all face difficult times under lockdown. We all share the same common goal and we all want to come out of this stronger and with our minds in tact. A healthy mind needs a healthy body and we know that competition pushes us to be better.
The Challenger series combines    competition with at home training in an exciting format that allows you as a nation to take on others.
how does it work?
The concept is simple and it is 100% free to enter.
All you need do is register to log your runs or walks for your country. Every step counts and we do not mind what platform you use to measure
your efforts, we just need you to upload your efforts for them to count.
Every run counts in your country's favour, the country with greatest distance tracked in relation to their participation size wins. The medal will be tailored according to which country won.
The only requirement we have is that you log at least 10km (thats 6 miles) for you to qualify.
You can keep up to date with the country trackers further down the page.



average distance per athlete 13,2km



average distance per athlete 10,1km



average distance per athlete 9,1km



average distance per athlete 1,4

mens & ladies victory medals & merchandise
You've done the hard yards, well done!
Now you can look the part with some really cool merchandise and medals available through the online store.
Event medals:-
These event medals are no slouches and will stand out head and shoulders above the rest in your collection as more than just a talking point about the time you ran so far in your back yard. When you reach the online store, simply select the medal specific to the distance you completed.
Event t-shirts:-
Our event t-shirts are moisture management athletic fit (see sizing further down this page), the t-shirts are also branded to the specific distance you did, 21km 42km or ultra marathon. Sporting the SA flag on a brilliant white will make them and you stand out when you hit the street again for your next run.
Funky socks:-
Our patriotic branded funky running socks are the perfect finish to any running outfit. Branded specifically to the Isolation Nation Challenge up the back of the achilles and over the front of the foot. Wear them with your running shoes or just as a fashion item.
When will these reach you?
Orders will close on Tuesday the 5th of May, manufacturing takes a 10 - 14 days from  the 11th of May. We take a day to verify and validate all orders from the public. We are pushing hard to get them all in by the 8th of May and have the order placed by the 11th of May. (our supplier factories are open again) from there we will get it to you in 2- 4 business days with couriers.
t-shirt sizing
Men's t-shirt sizing
Men's t-shirts are athletic fit, so order up if you are little more muscle bound. The following is based on chest size in inches:-
S: 36 - 38 inches
M: 38 - 40 inches
L: 40 - 42 inches
XL: 42 - 44 inches
Ladies t-shirt sizing
Ladies t-shirts are athletic fit with shorter sleeves  and a wider neck line than the men's cut. The following is based on bust:-
S: 28 - 32 inches
M: 32 - 36 inches
L: 36 - 38 inches
XL: 38 - 42 inches

1. join for free

sign up now by clicking here

2. load activities

we don't mind how you do it, we don't mind what you use to track it, we just need you to upload it - click here

3. track your


our live reporting will show you how your country is stacking up against the competition

4. order your


at the end of it all, we drop all contributors of over 10km (6 miles) an email with a link to the medal and merch options.

the process
what is in it for the winners?
Just ask the English what its like to lose the Rugby World Cup to the South Africans, bragging rights are a real thing. But wait, there is more...
The medals are tailored to the winning country, so all 4 countries are represented on the medal but only 1 can be listed as champion for 2020. The medals you opt for can be in the form of either a fridge magnet or wearable.
logging your sessions
Please note: submissions have closed. Any sessions not loaded by 09:00am CAT on the 1st of May 2020 will not be loaded. We are currently working through the data to get results live. The team does understand that there may be questions or distances that need updating, we will open up for report changes on Monday the 4th of May 2020.
We are all new to this, so we understand there will be questions. Take a read through this to understand the challenge and the processes better:-
How do I log my run?
Simple, just load up your run at the bottom of this page or follow this link. We trust you, so you can record the distance with anything, just be sure to upload it.
Must I log my run after every activity?
Yes please, just to make sure you do not forget to or leave a session out by mistake.
I use Strava, cant that just log a run for me?
Unfortunately not, there are just far too many tracking apps for us to track or load API from for us to count. So we have to use the old school method of uploads.
How do I know when I am finished or if I qualify?
There is no maximum limit to the km or miles that you can submit, we rely on your absolute honesty here. At the end of the challenge, we will send you an email with a link to the victory page where you get to choose your merch. and medal. To qualify, you only need submit at least 10km or 6 miles. 
When will I get my medal and t-shirt?
It will take 2 weeks for us to manufacture t-shirts and medals after lockdown, so expect your medal and t-shirt within 3 weeks of isolation.
We check the evidence and the evidence must match the distance your report. If we find cases of cheating, the distance you reported will be deducted from your countries total! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
*Any distance over 10km requires evidence to be submitted, we rely on you to be honest and our rule above will count against you for any indiscretion. #goodsportsmanship
For activity over 42km, please email us directly with the evidence as we set fields to up to 42km only.