there are things that lurk in the shadows

They are out there and they will find you... As the light of day gives way to the darkness strange things start to happen.

After dark is a 5km thrill filled night trail run through PWC Bike Park.

If you are a horror movie fan or just a thrill seeker then this is the place you want to be. Put your nerves to the test as we set you unleash the darkness and all of its secrets on you.

Groups of 10 will be sent out onto a 5km night time trail run loaded with your favorite scary movie villains. Each group will be linked together for their own safety and provided with one light to find their way through the course.

What is out there?

Slender Man | Island of Dolls | Jason | IT | The Ring | Zombie Gauntlet | Chucky

Hound of Baskervilles

and 16 more...

Register as an individual for the scariest run in South Africa and take to a 5km route littered with your worst nightmares.

Individuals can choose from the available start times by clicking below. There will be 30 individuals in a group, you can enter multiple individuals at a time. The event is not timed, finishers memorabilia is available to athletes who are not tagged by the characters on route...

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Register in the group category as a group or an individual. Simply choose the wave time that you want to go off, we will assign you into a group of 10 within the wave time that you entered.

The group will be required to complete the course holding onto a lifeline, leave no man or woman behind. The course is also slightly shorter as this category is more suited to walkers (the living kind). Finishers memorabilia is also available to those not tagged by characters on route.

Entries closed

the run sounds like a walk in the park

until you find out what is out there

- about the run -

The run takes place at PWC bike park, the entire course is stanchioned off so you do not get lost at night. You will be chased, you will run, you will hide and you will wish the finish line was right around the corner. Runners will be treated to special effects, while all our actors are strategically placed to bring your fear of the dark to life. What ever happens, do not get tagged! Once tagged, we may as well just leave you out there as you might not receive the finishers memorabilia that the living deserve...

Featuring over 22 of your worst nightmares.

You can enter as a team or as an individual. We will combine runners into groups of 10 to take to the course with just 1 light to lead them. Each group will be linked together and leave 4 minutes apart from the start line.

- how do the waves work? -

There are 3 groups of 10 per wave. Each group is made up of 10 runners /  walkers on a lifeline that they have to hold onto all the way to the finish line. You may leave no man or woman behind. Choose the wave you want to enter into, we will assign you into a group with your friends, just remember to enter your group name so that we can batch you together.

There are 2 categories, individual and team. Read below for descriptions:-



Individual can choose to run in the in the groups or solo. Solo options have 4 groups of 30 runners going off every 10 minutes from 18:05 until 18:35. As an individual you can also choose to enter yourself and others into the individuals and waves. This means you can choose to run alone or go out on course with a group. To find out more on the group works, read below. If you choose the individual entry, you will need to provide your own light.


Groups will be made up of 10,  there will be 7 groups per wave leaving every 4 minutes on a 3,9km course. It is shorter because as a group you will be out there longer. You choose the wave you want to run in and we place you into a group to go out on course appropriately. Groups will need to stay together to survive, to do this we provide you with a length of rope you must all stay attached to. You will also only be given one light per group. This is the scarier of the 2 options as not all runners are known to make it back...


- Race Info - 

Thank you for entering After Dark, you are here because you enjoy the thrill of the chase and adventure. Here is what you need to know about the event, please take a good read through here to assist us in making sure things go smoothly.


Well done! You are officially one of our test dummies as this is a brand new concept in Joburg, we look forward to sharing the experience with you. In total there are 22 characters on route with 36 people out there pulling it all together. Before we get into the details, we need to stress to you that this is not a race, it is not even timed, it is an experience!


Number collection:-


Number collection will take place at PWC bike park from 17:30. We have all your details, so please do not stress about printing out your registration.


Start times:-


Please arrive around 30 minutes prior to your start time, you have chosen the  {{ contact.BATCH }}, if you are in a team you will be allocated a slot within that wave. More on the team info later...


What to wear:-


Please dont wear your brightest and best, it's night out there. It's dirty out there and blood stains.


What to bring:-


We do have a bag and key drop available for R20 upon arrival. We suggest that you bring something warm with you for afterwards. Please note that we do not allow for the following on route, cell phones, camera's, personal lights (if you are in a team we provide you with one, individuals to bring their own). If you are found breaking these rules, you will be escourted off route, nobody enjoys a fun sponge so don't be that guy.


Food and drinks:-

There is food and drink available at the venue, they accept cash and card.


On the route:-

The course is ordinarily a bike park, that means it has undulations which you need to watch out for in the dark. Please take it easy out there, if you get into a spot of bother or injure yourself please don't be afraid to ask the nearest monster for help. 



Please do not punch, kick, bite, scratch or hurt our actors. They are just that, actors. They will not hurt you. If they touch you, it is literally just to tag you. Tagging means you have been tainted, curses or other by means of a touch. Some of our characters will be able to tag you, dont let them...



The start line is a short distance onto the course, you will be allowed out onto the course by the MC, he will send you down a dark path where you will stumble upon the start line at which point you will receive a briefing. 



If you entered into a team, you would have been put into a wave within the starting time you selected. We have batched you into groups of 8 - 10 people accordingly, you will receive your exact start time when you arrive at the venue. Please stick to this, if you are late for your start time, you will be dropped to the back of the batches. The MC will call you out by team name and batches 5 minutes prior to your start. When you reach the start, you will be given a lifeline which you must all stay attached to for the entire event. You will also be given one torch per group, so stay together. Remember, in scary movies it is always the ones who break off who are killed off 1st. You have been warned...


This is all about having fun, you are out there for a short time and not a long time. So enjoy it, dont take it too seriously, play along and enjoy the thrill. 


Good luck! 

listen to them, the children of the night.

what music they make!


Take a sneak peak into some of our friends in woods tonight.

more to come soon...